At Fittinox, we specialize in supplying fittings, flanges, and pipes for the Oil & Gas industry. As the primary sources of fuel, oil and natural gas play a crucial role in the energy market.

Our products are designed to support the transportation and management of oil and natural gas throughout all phases of the production and distribution processes. This includes upstream activities, such as oil and gas exploration and production, as well as midstream operations for transportation and storage. Downstream activities, which involve refining and the trade of finished products, are also covered.

Regardless of the project requirements, whether it be onshore, offshore, or even deep subsea operations, we have the necessary materials and technical expertise to handle them. Our workshop enables us to customize and tailor-make fittings, ensuring they are capable of withstanding even the most critical applications.

Choose Fittinox for reliable and high-quality fittings for all your gas and oil needs.


  • ANSI B16.9 e ANSI B16.11
  • MSS SP75, MSS SP 97, MSS
  • SP 83
  • BS 3799
  • UNI EN 10253-2 TYPE A & B
  • DIN 2605 TEIL 2
  • DIN 2615 TEIL 1 & 2
  • DIN 2616 TEIL 1 & 2
  • DIN 2617
  • DIN 2609
  • DIN 2559 TEIL 1

Prodotti per Oil and Gas

Butt Weld Fittings

B16.9 / MSS SP75

Tee, Crosses, Eccentric and Concentric Reducers, Lateral Tee

From 1/2” to 8”

Forged Fittings threaded or socket weld

B16.11 e British Standard

Tee, Cross, Eccentric and Concentric Reducers, Elbows, Caps

From 1/8” to 4” 3000-6000-9000 lbs

Reinforced Outlets – welded ends, treaded, SW or BW


Weldolet, Sockolet, Threadolet, Nipolet, Sweepolet

From 1/2″ to 48”

Special Flanges, Orifice, Spacer Disc and Spectacle Blind

ASME B16.48 / SHELL DEP S 38.011

Lateral Tee


Customized in acc. to client specification

Special pipes drilled from forged round bars or Bushes

B36.10, (all materials). Maximum Length depend from internal diameter.
from min. D=4mm L=1000mm

Barred Tee

B16.9 / MSS SP75 / UNI EN 10253-2 / DIN

Barred Tee with special Bars, integrals or welded

from 1/2” to 6”


B36.10 / Client Specification

Venturi Pipes, Flow meters

from 1/2” to 2”

Oil and Gas Materials



All fittings are constructed using high-quality materials, which are consistent across all pages of our product catalog.

We offer materials suitable for every application sector.

  • Nuclear

    • M3301, M3304, M3306, M3317, Z2CND17.12, Z2CN18.10, Z8CNDT18.12 M1122 A42AP, A48AP, P265GH, EN 10216-3 P355NH – RCC-M and ASME III
  • Fertilizer/Urea/Ammonia

    • A403/A182 316L Mod UREA GRADE, X2CrNiMo18-14-3, S31603, 3R60 UREA GRADE
    • 310MoLN, N06059, UREA 25.22.2, S31050
    • S32906, DMV 29.7
  • Offshore

    • A815/A182 S31803, S32760, S32750
    • S31254, UNS N08367, Titanium Gr2,5,7,12, N08904, Cu-Ni C70600
  • Petrochem

    • AUSTENITIC: A403/A182/ EN 13480 310, 304H, 316H, 316Ti/1.4571, 317/L, 321/H, 347/H, 347LN, 1.4571
    • [ … ]

Client Qualification

Oil and Gas Experience

  • ALCO
  • KOC
  • KNPC


If you would like to see any of our certificates, whether it’s to view all of them or if you have a specific one in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you at: