At our company, we specialize in crafting bends that are not only visually appealing but also tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you require hot formed, cold formed, or forged elbows, we have got you covered. Our process begins with a carefully selected raw material, either forged bar or tube, which is then expertly cut to size. Using a press and a mold, we forge or curve the material to create the desired shape.

The choice between cold or hot forming depends on various factors, such as the diameter, thickness, radius of curvature, and the type of materials used. Generally, hot forming is preferred when dealing with significant thicknesses. What sets hot forming apart is the preheating of tubes before they are bent, ensuring optimal results.

Once the forming process is complete, our bends undergo a meticulous heat treatment in our specialized oven. Following this, they are sandblasted, thoroughly tested, and finished with precision using state-of-the-art machine tools. Before they are packaged, we conduct a comprehensive visual dimensional test to ensure the highest quality standards. Each bend is then appropriately marked for easy identification.

Our production standards adhere to industry-leading specifications such as ASTM, ASME, ANSI, EN, UNI, and DIN. In addition to our standard offerings, we also have the capability to produce custom pieces with special radii, catering to your unique requirements.

When it comes to our range of elbows, we offer a wide variety to suit different applications, ensuring flexibility in design.

Range of elbows

At our company, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality, visually stunning, and precisely crafted bends and elbows. Trust us to provide you with the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

BW buttweld elbows

B16.9 / MSS SP75

90°- 45°- 180°, available in short radius, long radius, and special radius configurations.

1 D / 1.5D / 2D / 2.5D / 3D / 4D / 5D / 10D

Reduced Elbows

From 1/2” to 8” with no thickness limit

Elbows SW or Threaded Elbows

B16.11 / MSS SP97

90°- 45°

From 1/2″ to 8″, with no thickness limitations



We offer materials suitable for every application sector.

  • Nuclear

    • M3301, M3304, M3306, M3317, Z2CND17.12, Z2CN18.10, Z8CNDT18.12 M1122 A42AP, A48AP, P265GH, EN 10216-3 P355NH – RCC-M and ASME III
  • Fertilizer/Urea/Ammonia

    • A403/A182 316L Mod UREA GRADE, X2CrNiMo18-14-3, S31603, 3R60 UREA GRADE
    • 310MoLN, N06059, UREA 25.22.2, S31050
    • S32906, DMV 29.7
  • Offshore

    • A815/A182 S31803, S32760, S32750
    • S31254, UNS N08367, Titanium Gr2,5,7,12, N08904, Cu-Ni C70600
  • Petrochem

    • AUSTENITIC: A403/A182/ EN 13480 310, 304H, 316H, 316Ti/1.4571, 317/L, 321/H, 347/H, 347LN, 1.4571
    • [ … ]